Current Procurements

Listed below are Current Procurements for Suffolk Public Schools Purchasing Department. In addition, all procurements are posted on the bid board at the School Administrative Offices. Closing time for all bids is 2:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Should a bid deadline be compromised due to inclement weather or other situation where SPS offices are closed, bids will be accepted until 2:00 pm the next business day after SPS reopens.

 1678 P Health Insurance  02/13/2019
1677-P Addendum 1  Internet Access February 5, 2019, changed by this Addendum
RFQ 1680-Q  Copier Paper for the Maintenance Dept  01/29/2019
RFQ 1679-Q Copier Paper for the Print Shop 01/29/2019
1677-P.pdf  Internet Access 02/05/2019, changed by Addendum 1
1676-B  Frozen Ground Beef Patties 10/30/2018
RFQ 1675-Q Copier Paper for the Maintenance Department  10/16/2018
1674-Q  Small Wares For Florence Bowser Elementary   10/16/2018
Addendum 3
Construct a New Operations Center Addendum 3   09/27/2018 (changed by this addendum)
Addendum 2 
Construct a New Operations Center Addenum  09/25/2018
Addendum 10http:
Construct a New Operations Center Adendum 1 09/25/2018 (changed by this addendum)
1658 B Construct a New Operations Center  09/18/2018
 1671-P Addendum 2 1671-P Addendum 2 08/14/18 (changed by this addendum)
1673-Q  Replacement Textbooks  07/31/2018
 1671-P Addendum 1 Special Education Services 08/07/2018 (changed by this addendum)
1671-P  Special Education Services 07/24/2018
1667-Q Addendum 1  Transfer Mobile Units 07/03/2018 changed by this Addendum
1670-B  Replacement Textbooks for CCAP  06/25/2018
1669-B  Frozen Food, Staples & Dry Goods  08/07/2018
1668-B  Replacement Textbooks   06/25/2018
1667-Q  Transfer Mobile Units 06/26/2018
1666-B  Disposables and Supplies for Food & Nutrition Services   06/26/2018
1666-B Addendum 1  Disposables and Supplies Addendum 1  06/26/2018
1666-B Addendum 2  Disposables and Supplies Addendum 2  06/26/2018
1665-Q  Small Wares for Food Service  06/20/18
1664-P Conversion of Van  06/11/2018
 1663-Q Copier Paper for Maintenance Department  05/22/2018
1662-Q Music Equipment 05/22/2018
 1660-B Milk & Juice 05/30/2018
1660-B Addendum 1   Milk & Juice Addendum 1 05/30/2018
1660-B Addendum 2 Milk & Juice Addendum 2   06/05/2018
1660-B Addendum 3 Milk & Juice Addendum 3  06/12/2018
 RFQ 1661-Q - Copier Paper for Print Shop  RFQ - 1661-Q - Copier Paper for Print Shop  05/15/2018
1654-P Athletic Trainer Services   1654-P Athletic Trainer Services  04/10/2018 changed via Addendum 2
1659-Q Small Wares  1659-Q Small Wares  05/23/2018
1654-P Addendum 1  1654-P Athletic Trainer Services Addendum 1  04/10/2018
changed via Addendum 2
1654-P Addendum 2  1654-P Athletic Trainer Services Addendum 2  04/10/2018 changed via Addendum 2

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